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Hi! I’m Helen, an avid lover of adventure, chocolate and life. I’m a Health Coach and the health and wellness blogger behind A StepFull of You. I focus on simple, easy, and refined sugar free recipes, with many being breakfast and dessert recipes as they are my FAVORITE meals of the day. I wholeheartedly believe in a chocolate a day and to approach life with openness and kindness to oneself.

Nothing in life is perfect and in some days we may feel down and others we are jumping around with happiness. What is most important is not giving up and to love ourselves fully. Health is not only about food, but encompasses other areas of our lives too, especially in regards to our emotional and mental health. I created A StepFull of You to share my story and wellness journey, hoping to inspire personal growth and empower you to take a step towards a healthier you, living a happy and fulfilling life. I’m here to walk alongside of you, reminding you that you are enough and have the power to rise from anything.

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My love for health and wellness began while in high school as I battled my way from mental illness.

At the age of 15, I developed an eating disorder partly because of my desire for perfectionism and also a result of negative relationships in my life. In my third year in college, I reached my lowest point as I struggled with anxiety, almost failing out of college. After removing all negativity in my life and focusing on my overall health, I gained back control over my life. Not everyday is perfect and there are certainly days in which I feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but I came to learn that it is okay and to take life one day at a time, filling my life with positivity.

I approach health holistically, believing true happiness stems from having a healthy body and mind. I’m thankful for my struggles as they have lead me to where I am today where my hope is to empower you in the form of healthy recipes, stories and positivity to love yourself fully and to pursue the life you want because I believe in you.

Thank you for being here and I cannot wait to get to know you more!

With Love,

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